Get to Know Us

About Detox Designz

Detox Designz has been in the graphic design business since 2007. The company originated in in Brooklyn, New York and was previously named MSD Graphix, an urban design studio mainly focusing on music industry media and design. Over the years as our clientle grew and our business increased, we wanted to expand are client based and tap into other industries. This new direction allowed us to change how we do business and Detox Designz was the byproduct of that change.

We are now based in Virginia Beach, Virginia and with out broader clientle, we able to take on new challanges which resonate through our designs. Detox Designz provides affordable yet professional services. We are a small designs studio but no project is to big for us to handle. We will strive to grasp your ideas and create a wow effect with our designs. We do not just want your business... we want long term realtionships with our clients by providing the best service.

Creativity At Work

Detox Designz thinks outside of the box. Instead of being one demensional, we will brainstorm your ideas, to delive ryou the best design possible. Let our CREATIVITY tell your story because you cant wait for inspiration, you have to go after it.

Unique Design

With our design services, you will stand out from the rest. Detox Designz will deliver the most UNIQUE design to bring you a wow factor on your next project.

Visual Concepts

We create to communicate. As visual-thinking problem solvers, we collect your information and analyze to figure out the best solution. Creating VISUAL concept, our success is determined by the measurable outcome of what we can create.